Sunday, June 11, 2006

Two and a half months ‘til the fun begins …

Here’s updated information about the forthcoming beercycling trip to Germany, Czech Republic and Austria.

Six participants and their arrival schedules.

Graham Phillips
Graham flies into Frankfurt on Sunday morning, August 27, and he plans to proceed to Bamberg by train.

Roger A. Baylor and Kevin Richards
Both Kevin and myself will be arriving in Frankfurt on Monday, August 28, at 09.20 (Delta Flight 20 from Atlanta). We plan to take the train from Frankfurt to either Schweinfurt (57km from Bamberg) or Nurnberg (62 km from Bamberg) and do a first-day ride into town.

Tim Eads, Bob Reed, Craig Somers
Bob and Craig have indicated that it is likely they’ll arrive in Bamberg prior to the 28th, but far as I can tell, they’ve yet to book flights.

***Note to Frankfurt airport users:
Kevin has confirmed that more than one option for long-term bike case storage is available at the airport in Frankfurt. Be aware that the different storage areas have different hours of operation, which may impact your departure.


Our accommodations in Bamberg will be at the Bamberger Weissbierhaus, which is located a couple blocks down the street from Spezial (which unfortunately closed during the period of our stay, although the Keller on the heights presumably will be operational). The Weissbierhaus is a short walk from the train station.

The plan remains to stay in Bamberg on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (Aug. 28, 29 and 30). Currently, we have one single room (Craig’s stated preference) and two 3-bed rooms, one of which I’ll be adjusting to become a double, as we only have six beercyclists.

***Bob, Craig and Tim: If you are planning on staying at the Weissbierhaus prior to Monday and wish me to include your arrival information and room needs on the fax I’ll be sending the management, it would be easier than each of you contacting them separately. Let me know.

Transit day to Prague.

Thursday, August 31, is the day to travel to Prague via train. I will be contacting German Rail shortly to try and book beercyclists and bicycles for the transfer.

The primary issues for transit day are these: Total transit time, number of changes required, and the necessity to reserve space for bikes on almost any train that isn’t exclusively local. For instance, if the route to Prague is via Nurnberg, it probably will require changing at least twice, including loading onto a Czech train at the border … but the final, slower Czech train probably would be stopping at Zlicin in the Prague suburbs (perhaps three clicks away from the accommodations described below), and not having to go all the way into the center and back out to the suburb would save time.


Mr. Stanek at Camp Drusus has confirmed our reservations for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings (August 31, September 1 & 2). To reiterate, Drusus is a campground with indoor rooms and bungalows; we are not planning on tent camping. There is a restaurant on the site, which is roughly a mile from the nearest Metro stop (for quick travel to the center of the city), and according to Mr. Stanek, the campground is only 7 km from the Greenway trail head.

The annual hop festival in Zatec, a sister town of Poperinge that is located to the northwest of Prague, is being held on Friday and Saturday. Originally we planned to take the train for a day trip, but since our original discussions, I’ve been in contact with Michael Jakubuv, the owner of Mike’s Chauffeur Service:

I will be pleased to confirm our minibus 8+1 for a day trip (4.500 Czk total rate). I will gather details (about the hop festival). Payment in cash after the trip in Czk , $ or Euros. No need of cc guarantee. In case these rates are acceptable, let me know about time for departure.

At the current rate of exchange, that’s $204, total, or $34 each, to be conveyed by minibus (and less if Kim Andersen is able to join us in Prague). To me, although the train would be cheaper, a mini-bus would be a much more time-efficient way to visit the hop festival.

I’ll continue to pursue this option with Mike.

Prague-Vienna Greenway.

The consensus is for departure to be the morning of Sunday, Sept. 3. Craig has navigated the trail previously:

The Greenways trailhead in Prague begins in the SE suburbs. It is a dirt trail initially following a riverbed that runs east of Prague. The Greenways trail goes slightly in a NE direction to begin with and then bends to the right following on the edge of a river bank to eventually go in a SE direction which is ultimately the direction of Vienna.

Taken as a whole, we’re looking at 8 full days of riding between Prague and Vienna. As noted, Craig’s done it before, and also, both Kevin and Tim have received information from Friends of Czech Greenways (see separate mailing/posting).

It is NOT my aim to micro-plan an itinerary, but here are individual factors to take into consideration as we plan.

Roger: For the sake of clarity, be aware that I must be in Vienna by the evening of September 10 to meet Diana at the airport on the morning of the 11th. Accordingly, I will be making a reservation in Vienna for me alone on the evening of the 10th, with Diana joining me at the same hotel or B & B on the 11th. If the remainder of the group wishes to plan accommodations in Vienna collectively, then I’d know where to look for you circa the 11th and 12th, as Diana and I will be staying in Vienna for just a couple of nights before taking a train to Prague.

Bob: Has indicated that his wife Ellen is coming into Vienna around the 11th, and also has said that he’d like to take the beercycling loop that includes Ceske Budejovice and Cesky Krumlov.

Kevin & Graham: Flying home from Frankfurt after the 11th, so Vienna arrangements should be flexible for them.

Craig & Tim: No information, but I’m assuming that they’ll be departing some time after the 11th, also.

What I need to know.

1 Do you want rooms at the Weissbierhaus in Bamberg, and when?

2. Is the mini-bus idea acceptable to you?

3. Do you want to plan on including Ceske Budejovice & Cesky Krumlov in the beercycling itinerary?

There’ll be further updates as information arrives.

Now, get out there and ride.


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